Financial Inclusion & Investment

Part of our advisor’s task is to help you understand what is involved in meeting your future goals. The education process may include detailed help with financial topics. At the beginning of  our relationship as an advisory firm and client , such topics as budgeting and saving are a prerequisite. We will assist you in understanding complex investment, insurance, and tax matters. 

Market linkages & Partnerships

  • One of our key pillars is to improve market linkages by integrating the value chain, increasing market accessibility, and enabling smallholders to attract and negotiate with larger buyers, access certifications, and grow their businesses

Networking, Policy & Advocacy

Women in Business Network is a national association of women who are either professional and/ or engaged in business units, The association is a connection ,with a common purpose of gaining career development and pursue business opportunities white being influenced and mentored by like-minded women who really care for each and every one. Women in Business was formed to foster the well- being of women professionals and their counterparts in business to speak in one voice on matters affecting their interests as a hindrance to their professional and business growth. The constitution guarantees a third of women in management structures of public and private organizations. As women continue to gain more professional freedom, Women in Business aims to bring together business women from diverse sectors in the Economy to help them grow as they encounter new challenges concurrent with the changes in their jobs and in the business environment that they operate in, at both county and national level. WIB creates forums through which women in business and those in white collar jobs interact for leaning business and leadership skills which central to the success of the society, of which the majority are women. WIB provides a safe and supportive learning environment for members so that they can realize their full potential and gain optimum in their business and careers. WIB encourages members to share their experiences in business and career growth. Beside, we promote the practice of sharing business skills such as public speaking and facilitate meetings, workshops trainings and seminars. Through such forums, Women in Business are able to network and market their products, learn how to write business plan and participate in trade and exhibitors

Mentorship & Capacity building

  • The aim of our activities is to bring together women and men in business from diverse walks of life and industries financial or otherwise, to empower through advocating for access to finances, access to markets and mentorship opportunities. This falls well within our mandate and with partners to fund our activities and facilitate them we are assured of meeting our goals. Our calendar outlines our year round activities and the aims/ objectives of each.